Essentials Tips To Clean The Roofing The Right Way

Are you wondering whether there are things that should or should not be done when cleaning your roof? Below are some tips on the topic by professional cleaners well-versed in the topic:

Power washing – professionals from roof cleaning in Sydney and otherwise will most likely agree on this point: power washing is not something you should be doing to clean your roof. Whilst you might get the idea that you are thoroughly cleaning your roof – especially when you see every bit of debris and moss being washed away at the high pressure – the truth is that the extreme pressure is also causing the topmost layer of your roofing to be washed away, and that is not something you should be doing. Power washing can considerably decrease the lifespan of a roof, especially when done repeatedly. There may be instances where roofs have been cleaned by such means by professionals, but this is not by using the average power washer; instead, specific washers with reduced pressure and a higher water volume are used.

  • Use of chemicals – if you are planning to hire servicemen in roof cleaning Sydney in Epping or anywhere else, make it a point to ask them what their policies are with regards to chemicals. A company that is able to properly explain what kind of chemicals they are using is often one that knows what it is doing. Improper use of harsh chemicals can increase the speed at which your roof deteriorates, or can alter its original colour. As such, you want to make sure that the company in question knows what it is using. Bonus points if they also inform you that they will not be using environmentally harmful products.
  • Cleaning procedures – while the general idea is to first dust and brush off leaves and other debris lying on the roof, remove any moss growth and then move into cleaning aimed at removing stains, the truth is that every right roof should not have the exact same cleaning regimen. The reason is simple enough: there are different types of roofs, and their different natures should be accommodated as such. Ask the professional cleaners whether they have different regimens for roofs, or otherwise, see whether they ask you what type of a roof you have.
  • Vigorousness during cleaning – and finally, this last tip might be somewhat difficult to correctly gauge, but know that it can make a lasting difference between a properly cleaned roof and one that is not. When cleaning a roof, a proper balance should be achieved on how hard to clean: too hard and you risk damaging the roof; too soft and you won’t be cleaning anything at all. Since you yourself might not have an idea of what is the right balance, more often than not, your only guide in this case is the level of experience of the cleaners you will hire: individuals who have been working for a decade or so will most definitely know how to do their job.