Forget Paper and Paint: Expressing Artistry Through Unusual Means


Not every artist has to be standing in front of canvas and easel covered in paint. So many of the artists in this cannot even draw a stick figure, but their talents are hardly hidden; artists express their artistry through painting, dancing, music, acting and whole range of other performative arts. But what of the other creative individuals who can’t perform? They find other means and mediums in which to express their creativity. Here are some out-there ways in which creative genius is expressed in the world:

Change the View

Landscaping companies are always on the lookout for people with a true eye for landscape artistry because, while the technicalities of garden maintenance services can be learnt, real inspiration comes naturally and the most famous landscape artists are the ones who broke the rules and changed the way we look at the view. Think about famous gardens and houses in the world, and how the view changes every second we walk through them; some very talented person has been through them and manipulated nature in order for us to see what we see.

Landscape artists have been known to transplant entire trees in order to change the vista. This is the kind of dedication/inspiration that landscaping companies in Waikato look for in their employees.

Write on the Sky

Skywriting is another form of creative expression and also skill. The writer will pilot small aircraft that expels a special type of smoke and go up in the sky to write words or draw simple figures. While this is mostly used for advertising purposes, some individuals also hire skywriters to mark a big event like a marriage proposal or an anniversary. Skywriting for adverts is mostly just scripted and given to the writer by the advertisers, but in some instances, the companies will let the pilot use his/her creativity to express the overall message and come up with something to write or draw. After all, the pilot is the one who has the best understanding of what will or will not be visible in the sky and whether or not it can be pulled off.

Put the Pieces Together

Mosaics don’t have the popularity today that they had in the olden days, but they are yet another way in which art emerges. Through millions of little pieces put together, the mosaic artist will create a large picture that has depth; some of the most talented artists can even make mosaics look 3-dimensional. Today, most mosaics are on the floor in the form of rubber foam designs in playgrounds for children, but some hotels and resorts with old world charm still make use of mosaics to evoke that aesthetic, and restorers of historical art also call upon mosaic artists for their expertise and expressions.