How To Maintain Your Air Conditioner?

An air conditioner is essential for the cooling of your house during the hot summer months. It will create a comfortable interior environment and give you a reprieve from the sweltering heat outside. Since the air conditioner will be seeing a lot of use, it is essential to know how to maintain it properly. This will ensure that it lasts for a long time.

Changing the filter

This is an important tip to remember when it comes to proper maintenance. The filter has to be changed every three to six months. Infrequently changed filters can give rise to a multitude of problems such as malfunctioning of the system and giving rise to allergies. Changing the filter will increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system and provide cleaner air. Dirty air can give rise to many health issues.

Lowering the work load

You have to think of cost cutting measures when it comes to an air conditioner. You need to find air conditioning Brisbane North systems that are efficient and long lasting. There are ways of ensuring your system lasts for a longer time period. One way of ensuring that is by lowering the work load. You can limit the times when you use it and restrict how hard the system works during some times. You can lower the thermostat during the winter. You can also raise it a little bit during the summer.

There are additional ways you can support the cooling or warming of your house. This would put less strain on your air conditioner and it will not have to work as hard. Some examples are tightening insulation during cold months and shading devices, tinted windows during warm months.

Use of a timer

You may not be at the house all the time due to other responsibilities. There will also be times when the air conditioner is not needed. For instances such as this, you can use a timer to control when the system will switch on. This will save energy and a lot of money in the long run. If you prefer to go to a warm or cool home after you have finished work, you can set the timer so that it starts a little before your arrival. This will make for an efficient use of your air conditioner as well as keep your comfort at the forefront.

Keep the surrounding area clean

Make sure that nothing is blocking your air conditioner. You should also remove anything that is a fire risk from its vicinity as a result of the central heater getting hot. Some of the items you should get rid of include dry papers, cardboard and fabric. A cleaner surrounding makes sure that there is nothing in the way of the system blocking the internal processes of the system. This allows free access for air to enter the unit.