Take The Lead To Warn The Society About Environmental Pollution


The environment we live in is very sensitive. What we humans give the Mother Nature, it returns back. We do well and keep the environment clean and unpolluted, the environment in return provides us with clean oxygen to breath, which is fresh air. However, if one questions ‘ what really is an environment?’, the most simple answer would be that ‘ an environment is everything around us including us human beings and also animals living it’ . It includes all living and non-living organisms, plants, trees, waterfalls and everything around us. It is therefore our responsibility to protect the environment we live in.

However, human beings seem to ignore the importance and value of maintaining a healthy environment. They have started to pollute the environment massively to such an extent, that it cannot be irreversible. Pollution occurs through energy or by the use and the reactions of chemicals. These play adverse effects on the health of human beings causing various diseases such as Asthma and other respiratory diseases, various skin allergies and at times would even cause death. Few major categories of pollution are Air pollution, Light pollution, Visual pollution, Water pollution, Visual contamination, and Noise pollution.

It is therefore the time for us to stand against these pollutions and warn the society of the hazards that we may face if we don’t stop polluting the environment now. It is however a difficult task to stop pollution completely. But the least one can do is to take measures to reduce pollution. The first step therefore needs to be taken from our homes. There should be a proper method of disposing sewage, and other waste materials in the house. Garden rubbish removal in Auckland should be done every now and then and those dirt should be disposed in a proper method, and not just dump those in the road or the rivers or streams close to where we live. Always get rid of those materials that can be recycled separately. Have a compost pit in the backyard of your house and you can dispose the materials that can be composed later into that pit. This would make the soil you live in rich for plantation.

As a society in whole, there are various measures and steps taken by the government of various countries to protect the environment from pollution. In some countries honking unnecessarily is a crime that can be fined for. There are various recycling methods provided by the government to get rid of the garbage that is collected from households. There are proper sewage systems constructed and various dust collection systems have been installed. However, all these methods would only work if the perspective of man changes. It is us who need to take the leading step to protect the environment we live in and thereby, ensure our existence.