Tips to Keep Your House Drain Clean and Unclogged


Knowing the reason that blocks your home drains and getting to know how to prevent blocked drains, will keep you away from a lot of costs and also problems. It’s a real menace to see your water not going down in the bathtub and sink and worse to smell that foul odor that comes up through your pipes. These are problems that grow with time and if we fail to understand the symptoms it can lead to even other troubles as well. So, the maintenance of your drain is not as hard as you think. All you need is to know few tips and this is why we have them all ready for you. Take a look!
Use hot water
One reason for blocked drains is because of the oil and grease that builds with time inside the pipes. This will not let you drain stuff through pipes and lead to constant blocks. One thing you can do to keep your pipes clean and let your waste drain easily without hassle is to use hot water. Specially, when you find out that your pipes are blocked, use this as a good medicine. Once you finish cooking, pour some hot water to the sink. The oil will smoothly go down instead of building. 
Throw nothing down
It’s not a dustbin to throw all the food waste and toiletries down. The little food pieces you throw down the wash sink in your kitchen is a reason why your drains get blocked and clogged. So, have a strainer to collect this waste from your plates and throw it away to the bin. Also, your hair balls and trash from your bathrooms like small empty cans, toilet paper, etc. should not be thrown to your drain.
Use the correct cleaning solutions
There are different drain cleaners you can check online and also in your nearby shops. This will help you to finish your cleaning job in no time. Read the instructions carefully and mix a little bit of the solution with some water (see what they recommend whether warm water or hot water and look for the quantity). Before you buy these drain cleaners, see whether they are good in quality and you can also ask for recommendations from others. You can also call help from The Plumbing and Gas Guys because they provide help in maintaining your drains and plumbing systems in its best form. 
Get rid of that smell
This is what worries you the most and can make your whole bathroom turn to a foul place to be. The best option for you to eliminate this foul smell is to use baking soda. This ingredient is well known for its cleaning qualities can help you in this case. All you have to do is to throw some of this baking soda down your drain and then pour some hot water after it.