Useful Information To Have Before Selection Of Tiles For Small Bathroom

Selection of tiles for your bathroom is always a challenging task. The good selection will drive you to best results and the bad selection will, of course, lead you to problems and dissatisfaction. 

 Suitable size

The size of the tile does not depend upon the size of the bathroom. The large tiles for a small bathroom can even benefit more than your expectations. It will make fewer separation lines on the floor and walls. The labour will not have to cut and adjust more tiles during installation. Small tile shop in Thomastown will require more effort and number of tiles for installation. It will appear like grid lines on the walls and floor which will also not be much smoother. That does not mean that you should forget about the small tiles. They can be used in narrow spaces. You can also mix the tile size according to space like large tile for large space and small for narrow space. The changing size will keep you away from tile cutting and labour charges.

 However, there cannot be a fixed size for tiles that you could select from the shelf of shops. So you should ask for samples to take it to your home and find a suitable size according to your bathroom spaces.

 How to install

Tiles can be installed in any way you want, so you should use some tricks to make them uncountable. The best trick for small perfect tile cutting in Melbourne is that you should install the tiles in a diagonal pattern. It will look difficult to count in this pattern and also beautiful. A famous pattern called chevron patterns is the best example. However, if you do not find this pattern pleasing or attractive, you can also use the brick bond pattern just like the bricks installations for the wall’s construction. For this pattern, the famous metro tiles are more suitable. You should also select the tiles with rectangular shapes for this pattern

 Suitable colour for tiles

Psychologically the light colour tiles in the bathroom make it look bigger. The colour also matters when it comes to brightness and light reflections. Light colour reflects more light as compared to dark colours. For dark colour, you need to add more bulbs in your bathroom. So the best option is light colours. The white or creams colour are the best examples. 

 You should also keep in mind the installation of light colour can benefit you but it also has a problem with it. You have to clean it daily and properly because the dirt can easily be visible on light colour tiles. So the choice is all yours either you want brightness or keep yourself away from regular cleaning efforts.