What You Need To Know When Moving For The First Time


So you are ready to move out on your own? Congratulations! It is a big step and definitely a good one (although it might not seem so at first!) and there are many things for you to take into careful account. Even those who have moved numerous times during their lifetimes find the whole thing to be exhausting so as a first-time mover, there is quite a lot for you to pay heed to. The good news is that as long as you are well-prepared, the hassle is pretty minimal. This is not all there is to it though, since living on your own is a whole new chapter in your life; maybe this will give you a head start!


At the end of the day, bills will keep rolling in and of course you have to feed yourself. Additionally you have to factor in travel costs and of course furniture and other items you will need to get such as crockery and so on. Once you move, you will be moving from place to place as your contract expires which means you also need to budget for removalists. This is all of course apart from rent so you need to make sure you have a substantial amount of cash to help you live every month.


Many go wrong by assuming they will be just fine and spend as they used to while they lived with their parents which is just a huge mistake. Soon enough you will find that partying and other social events are just eating up all your cash leaving you with instant noodles to live off of for the rest of the month. You are responsible for yourself now, so live responsibly. The best way to do this is by drawing up a budget for yourself, ideally before moving out so you know how much you plan to spend on what. This will help you live within your means.


This is possibly one of the most important things for you to look at. Never rush agreements with your landlord. Ensure that the contract stipulates everything you have agreed on including deposit, monthly rental, duration of lease and lease extension terms to name a few. It would be great if you could enlist the help of your parents here as they will be able to point out any discrepancies they find. Contracts are binding so you will not have any say even at a court if you have already signed the documents. Sure with removalists in Balwyn, you might be able to negotiate more easily, but landlords are a whole other story.


One of the best things you can do for yourself before moving out, is speaking to people who already have. Do you have an elder sibling or cousin perhaps? Maybe your best friend moved out before you? Whoever it is, if you have someone to talk to then do because you can find out a lot of useful information from them. Follow their advice and visit them frequently to also have a look at how they are managing.